How it works

1. On arrival come to the shop counter where we can provide containers for you to pick into. These vary in size from 1lb (454g) punnets, to baskets holding up to 5-6 lbs (approx 2-2.5 Kg). Please note that as the prices for each fruit varies, each type of fruit will need to picked into a separate container.

2. Staff will inform you which crops are ready for picking and direct you to the relevant fields.

3. You can pick as much fresh fruit as you require (you do not have to fill your container). Once you have picked the required amount, return to the shop counter where we will weigh the produce inclusive of the container. The price will depend on the amount and type of fruit picked, therefore fruits can not be mixed.

If you return on subsequent days you can re-use the punnets/baskets. Just come up to the counter with the pre used basket and we will mark it so that its weight can be deducted. This will work out slightly cheaper for you for future pickings.

You can of course bring your own containers to pick into, but just remember to come to the shop counter on arrival so we can weigh your empty container so we know how much to deduct off the price once you have returned from the fields.

Crop calendar / picking season

Picking seasons are weather dependent, so please note that this information is an approximate guide only. Please call 01733 233270 for up to date crop information.

GooseberriesEarly June to mid July
StrawberriesEarly June to early Aug
Raspberries (Summer)Late June to late July
Raspberries (Autumn)Early Aug to mid Oct
Mixed flowersLate June to late Sept
BlackcurantsEarly July to early Aug
RedcurrantsLate June to mid Aug
BlackberriesMid July to Late Sept
SunflowersMid July to mid Aug
PlumsMid Aug to early Sept
SweetcornEarly Sept to mid Oct
Pumpkins and squashesOct

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