Hill Farm


Please note that we are in between the seasons; our summer crops are coming towards their end whilst the autumn crops have not yet got going fully. This year, this has been exacerbated by the dry, hot weather.

We therefore recommend you check the crop calendar before you visit, to check what is available to pick.
Thank you for your understanding.

The PYO CROP CALENDAR will be updated as and when the situation changes.

NEW Opening hours:
TUES-SAT 10-5pm
SUN 10-4pm
CLOSED Mondays (except bank holidays)

PYO Crop Calendar - Click here to see what is available to pick.

How it works:
On arrival, all PYO customers must visit the shop to make payment and get today's directions before entering the fields.

1. Follow the signage to the PYO counter on the day of your visit.

2. Choose a container to pick your soft fruit into, or bring our containers back from previous years for re-use. Please note that we encourage you to bring back any of our containers on subsequent visits.
These presently vary in price from £1.75 to £9

3. Pay (card or cash) in advance of going to the fields.

4. We will inform you of which crops are available to pick and we will direct you to the relevant fields.

5. Pick soft fruit and fill your container. Please do not eat in the fields. You can presently mix the different soft fruits in the same container. Other crops, such as marrows, are priced per item, and some, such as spinach and plums, are priced according to the weight picked.

6. Pop back to the shop for any other produce or light refreshments.

Please note that you will not be able to use your own pots/ Tupperware's for the soft fruit, as we do not know their capacities.

Our home grown seasonal crops:

Picking seasons for our various crops are weather dependent, and can vary from year to year. An approximate guide to the seasons can be found here.
We suggest you call 01733 233270 for up to date crop information before you visit and listen carefully to the recorded message. This message lists what is in season and available for picking, and is re-recorded regularly as crop situations alter.

Also, please note that we can never guarantee stock will be available in the shop or for PYO. It is sold on a first come first served basis and will be available until stocks last, or, until we can either collect more punnets from our pickers in the fields, or until more of the crop ripens.