Hill Farm

Visitor information


Covid queries:
Do not visit Hill Farm if you are feeling unwell or showing Covid symptoms.
Card payments are preferred, but we will accept cash.
Face Masks are no longer required by law, but we have retained the perspex screens for safety for our customers and staff.
The refreshment kiosk and shop will be open to serve teas, coffees, drinks, ice creams and light snacks. Outdoor tables will be available at a social distance from each other for customers use.
The play area is open.
Though the fields are open to the fresh air you must still keep socially distanced.

What are your opening times?
Tue-Sat 10-5pm, and Sun 10-4pm. Closed Mondays (except bank holidays). Last access into the fields will be 30 mins before closing time.

Do we have to book? NO. (Booking is no longer required)

Can we bring dogs? No. Though you will see our farm dogs on site, I am afraid you can not bring your own dogs.

What can we pick? This varies throughout the season. The best way to get up-to-date information is to call the farm on 01733 233270 and listen carefully to the recorded message which lists the crops in season and available for picking . This message is re-recorded regularly. Also visit the crop calendar here.

What does it cost? There is no entry fee to the farm. If coming for PYO raspberries and blackberries, you will be charged a set price depending on the size container you opt for. (Presently ranging from £2 to £10, but this may alter throughout the season as our crops change).This payment will need to be paid in advance of going into the fields.
For other crops, such as plums, spinach, rosehips, courgettes etc. we will provide a bag to pick into, then you will need to return to the counter to have it weighed before paying for it.

How much is pumpkin picking? There is no entry fee. The pumpkins are priced on size ranging from approx £1 to £12

Can we bring our own punnets/containers to pick into? No. You will not be able to bring your own pot/containers (i.e. non Hill Farm ones) due to their unknown capacities. However, if you have retained our 'Hill Farm' containers from previous years or visits, you are of course welcome to bring them. We will be offering different sized empty punnets at set prices, which will need to be purchased at the kiosk, in advance of entering the fields. We will provide bags to pick our other crops into.

Do you have a café? No, however, we have a small refreshment kiosk , selling drinks, cake crisps and ice-creams. Though there are picnic benches, there are no under cover facilities.

Do you have toilets? Yes.

Do you take card payment? Yes.

What should we wear? Sensible footwear as the ground is uneven in places. Sun cream may also be appropriate on certain days as the crops are grown where there is no shade.

Can we just walk round the farm? No. If not actually picking fruit you will not be allowed in the crops or other fields.

Is it suitable for push chairs? Though you can bring pushchairs, the ground is uneven in places and can be wet and muddy. Push chairs are not allowed down the strawberry or sweetcorn rows so as to not damage the crop.

Is your home grown produce organic? No.
We use the bare minimum of chemicals to guarantee a crop.
We do not use insecticides- Natural predators control the insects.
We only use fungicides to protect the flowers from rain damage (which leads to mould on strawberries)
We use herbicides during winter to control weeds. All other weeding is done by hand.
Our produce is not classified as organic.

Is your honey pure? We sell our own 'Hill Farm Honey' which is pure honey The bee hives are on the farm and the bees work hard pollinating our fruit. We also sell other local bee keepers honey.

Who makes the jam? The jam is made with our own fruits by Nature's Fayre from Thrapston. (With the exception of blueberry jam which we do not grow here)


There is no entry fee to the farm. However, if you wish to PYO soft fruit you will need to purchase empty punnets at the kiosk in ADVANCE OF ENTERING THE FIELDS. You will then be able to go picking and fill your containers with fruit. Several different sized containers will be available, so hopefully there will be something to suit everyone. The set prices for the soft fruit containers presently range from £2 - £10, but this price may alter as we progress through the different seasonal crops. If picking other crops, we will provide bags and this will be done on a pick, weigh, pay system.

Pumpkins are priced on size ranging from approx. £1 to £12

We do not publish prices for either our bought-in produce or for our PYO crops on this website, as they can change many times throughout the season depending on availability and general market prices.

We offer a completely different experience here at Hill Farm to purchasing in a supermarket - Here, you will be picking your own fruit, vegetables or flowers in the fresh air, on a pretty farm overlooking Peterborough. You can see how the crops grow, speak to the farmers (Paddy and Susannah), and feel good that the crop has had no 'travel miles'. Memories will be made and crops will be tasty too.....

Please call us on 01733 233270 if you need further information or wish to place an order. If there is no reply we are most likely in the fields attending the crops. If so, please leave a clear message including your telephone number and we will return your call as soon as possible.


No jobs are available at present.

Please note

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Hill Farm is a busy place. Several business operate from Hill Farm, and their vehicles, as well as the farm vehicles and machines will be in operation in and around both the fields and yard area.

Please drive slowly along the farm road and in the car park.

Refreshments sold from a small kiosk

  • Tea/coffee/hot chocolate
  • Canned drinks
  • Cake selection
  • Crisps
  • Biscuits
  • Squash
  • Bottled water
  • Ice creams

Please note that though we have no under cover café facilities, picnic tables are available.


Open fronted Farm Shop
Light refreshment kiosk
Picnic area
Toilets (Including disabled and baby change facilities)
Free and ample car parking
Debit/credit cards accepted