Pumpkin season 2020

!!!! Crop update !!!!!

Updated 28.10.20
We still have some 'ready picked' pumpkins available in the shop.
Open: Tues--Sun 10 - 5pm Closed: Mondays.

Please note that the pumpkins are not particularly large or pretty this year, but we do however have a reasonable variety. Different shapes and colours- ideal for decorating your mantlepiece or doorstep. Or, of course, eating!
You may have to use a bit of imagination this year; slightly under ripe greenish ones perhaps for a witch, and scared ones (from hail damage) could make a frightening monster !......

Sadly yield is low due to poor localised weather conditions at the vital growing times, and we can not guarantee how long stock will last. The farm answer message on 01733 233270 and website will be altered if and when the situation changes.

Though we have 'READY PICKED' pumpkins this year, please remember there will be NO PYO pumpkins. Sorry.

Explanation about the 2020 pumpkin crop:
Please note that with the unusual localised weather we have had this year, (very hot early on when the plants were young, then heavy rain and even hail storms, followed by generally wet colder weather), the yield is poor. The plants struggled to get going and then pollination basically failed. Those plants that did pollinate produced pumpkins, but many are still immature, and way behind schedule and with this continued poor weather are now unlikely to ripen. Many are still green or have rotted as the skins have not 'set'. Sadly, we will only be able to offer 'ready picked' pumpkins this year. There will be NO PYO. Sorry to cause any disappointment.