Hill Farm

Pumpkin season

Pumpkins for eating and carving.


The pumpkin trail and fields are rather muddy after all this rain and our soil is heavy clay, so wear wellies/walking boots, and gloves, and bring bags to put your pumpkins in to keep your cars clean!

There's still plenty of variety and sizes to choose from.

Opening hours Sun 29th 10-4pm -'PYO' and 'Ready picked'
Tues 31st Oct 10-4pm (Ready picked produce only)

We then close for the winter months and will re-open in June 2024

We have been growing, selling and offering PYO pumpkins at Hill Farm for about 25 years.
This year we have grown 23 different varieties ranging in size, colour, texture and taste. Big, small, orange, white, ribbed, smooth, and knobbly.....

If pumpkins are picked well, with no bruising or damage to the skin, they will store well and last until Halloween or longer. So, pick early and store in a cool, dry place slightly raised from the ground so air can circulate until you are ready to carve or eat them.

PYO pumpkins:
Booking is NOT required.

1. Speak to a staff member. Collect a wheelbarrow.

2. Follow a decorated Halloween trail to the field. A circular (one-way) route approximately 400m

3. Choose your pumpkins, twist them off the vine, (or bring your own secateurs). Some have already been cut for ease.

4. Pop them in the wheelbarrow and return to the shop area for them to be priced up. The price depends on which hole they fit through on our measuring table! Prices presently vary from 85p to approx. £9

5. You can also PYO Squash which are £2/kg. We grow 15 different varieties. (Some of the giant squash have set maximum prices. i.e giant butternut maximum £5 each, giant crown prince maximum £8 each

6. You will then be given a ticket to take up to the shop counter to pay. Squashes will also need to be taken up to the counter to be weighed. We accept card or cash payment.

Weekends and Half term at Hill Farm gets very busy and you may have to queue for wheelbarrows. If you don't require a wheelbarrow you can walk straight on to the trail, but we suggest you bring a strong bag.

!!!!! Though you will see our farm dog on site, please note that you cannot bring your own dogs to the farm.

  • Pumpkin stems and leaves can be a bit prickly, so you may wish to wear gloves.
  • The ground is uneven and can be muddy, so we suggest wellies or strong boots. It’s a good idea to bring some bags to put your muddy footwear in for your journey home!
  • Though we provide wheelbarrows, you may wish to bring strong bags to transport the pumpkins back to your car.
  • The earlier in October you visit, the more choice you will have! And the skins will cure and harden off and fruit will take on a more intense flavour.

Further information:
The pumpkin and squash seeds are planted in late spring. The pumpkins grow on vines and have a lot of leaf cover. The leaf cover can make it difficult to see what the pumpkin crop is like below! The pumpkins grow, swell and ripen and then the leaf cover dies back -this is when you can only truly see the crop - A bright field of orange hues! The vines eventually wither away from the stem too. Pumpkins can be ready for picking at the beginning of October, but like all our crops, the growth and ripening depends on localised weather.

Ornamental Gourds
We also grow ornamental gourds which look great as autumnal decorations or for Halloween. They can we varnished, painted etc too. Take a look at our facebook page photos for more ideas....